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Connecting the Bible to your daily walk

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Emmaus Courses

are now 

available both

online and offline 

Why Emmaus Courses?

Assortment of Books

Emmaus India offers a dynamic curriculum that can help you to enhance your understanding of the Bible.


Register for the courses and study at the convenience of your time. We recommend 2 chapters per week.

Throwing Caps

Certificates will be awarded after a series of courses are completed by the student, offline or online.

Get involved with Emmaus ministry

Start a Ministry

Start a personal ministry initiative to teach the Bible in various settings. Emmaus India provides sound biblical resources in multiple languages to study and teach. 


Volunteer by praying for the ministry and promoting the courses in your local church or workplace. You can also lend a helping hand in various aspects of this literature ministry. 

Translate the Courses

Our goal is to make Emmaus courses available in all the major languages of India. If you're good with languages, you can contribute towards the translation work.


Emmaus India is a faith based ministry and fully depended on the free-will contribution of God's people. Every donation goes towards the translation and publishing of the courses.

Contact Us

#3 Eden Rock Layout, Athmavidya Nagar Main 1A,

Byrathi, Dodda Gubbi Post,Bangalore – 560077  

Office Mob: 9019146546

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